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Over 1 million users in 26 languages. Completely free and open source. Download Tracker 5.0.7 installer for: Windows Mac OS X Linux 32-bit Linux 64-bit. Windows Update History: As new updates of Windows 10 roll out it becomes difficult to track versions. Here's the latest version number information for the official. The Perfect Diet Tracker is an easy to use app to help you lose weight and keep it off. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. CFL Game Tracker. We've got you covered from coast to coast as's CFL Game Tracker provides player comparisons, an interactive scoreboard, stats, play-by-play. All content on this web site is made available under the GNU General Public License, unless otherwise stated. Moodle™ is a registered trademark. PDF-XChange Lite is the lite and simplified version of Tracker-Software’s best-selling virtual printer, PDF-XChange Standard. It installs in the same manner. Track battery life with BatteryBar and BatteryBar Pro for Windows. Statistical calculations on past usage give BatteryBar increased accuracy. Time Tracking. Install time tracker software on your Windows/Mac/Linux PC and it will track your working time. Choose a project, choose Screenpresso — бесплатная редакция программного обеспечения для операционных систем Windows. The Las Vegas Boulevard Tracker. Created 23 November 2003. Updated 7 December 2004 Please also see the LVB Tracker 2 pages! PCBs now available.